• How presidents perceive the value of competency-based education on campus
  • What the potential barriers to change are and which pitfalls to avoid
  • What the different approaches are to awarding credit to participating students
  • Which students generally benefit from this

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More colleges and universities are starting to look beyond the traditional credit hour. When comparing different innovative approaches to student learning, college presidents believe that competency-based education will be a game-changer for higher ed.
In a new report, The Chronicle surveyed nearly 200 presidents on the future of competency-based education for their institution.
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A New Measure for Collegiate Learning: What Presidents Think of the Promises and Pitfalls of Competency-Based Education is based on a survey conducted by Maguire Associates, Inc., was written by Jeffrey J. Selingo, contributing editor at The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inc. and is sponsored by Pearson. The Chronicle is fully responsible for the report’s editorial content. Copyright © 2015.
Highlights of the report include: