Despite Progress, Only 1 in 4 College Presidents Are Women
The proportion has barely budged in a decade, a result of barriers that are both external and self-imposed.
Sensing a Moment, Diversity Officers Swap Tips on Improving Campus Climate
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Minority-serving institutions are more likely than those that predominantly serve white students to use assessments of student learning for strategic planning and budgeting.
Minority-Serving Institutions Are More Apt to Use Learning
Gauges Internally
Colleges Respond to Racist Incidents as if Their Chief Worry Is Bad PR, Studies Find
College administrations react to hate crimes, hate speech, and other high-profile incidents of bias by focusing mainly on repairing their institution’s reputation.
A new report shows progress in assisting minority students earn doctorates, but which strategies are most successful remain unclear.

Helping Minority Ph.D.’s in STEM: Something’s Working
More than 300 of the officials met in Washington this spring, and racially charged campus incidents were very much on their minds. Here are three themes that kept coming up.
Professors Are More Responsive to Prospective Ph.D.’s Who Are White and Male
White male students are much more likely than female or minority students to hear back from faculty members when they send emails asking to meet to talk about their studies.
Eighteen recipients of TheDream.US scholarships share their stories and thoughts on college.

On Being Undocumented

Underprepared for the Profession
The lack of minority Ph.D.'s has a lot to do with the lack of socialization into academic life.

A study of college students linked their negative experiences with diversity to educational setbacks, and positive ones to less-significant gains.
Campus Diversity, Often Seen as Key to Learning, Can Have an Educational Downside

Hiring Faculty Members in Groups Can Improve Diversity and Campus Climate
Hiring faculty members in clusters into multiple departments or colleges was originally designed to expand interdisciplinary research. But faculty clusters also have the potential to help diversity a college's faculty and improve institutional climate.
Talk at a national gathering focused on how to keep diversity and inclusion on the minds of people across campus every day, not just when a scandal strikes.
Making Diversity Not the Work of One Office, but a Campuswide Priority

Diversity in Academe
Special Report
The Chronicle is offering a free download of our popular spring Diversity in Academe report, which offers in-depth news coverage on how colleges are improving outreach to first-generation students.

A Global Education Opens Doors, but Leaves Many Shut Out
International experiences are seen as crucial for today’s graduates. But wealthy, white students are getting most of those opportunities.

Learning the Ways of the Force
A few words of advice to minority students in STEM fields on succeeding in graduate school.

The University of Southern California collaborates with Hollywood on a competition for a series featuring a credible character who is both an engineer and a woman.
TV’s Next Big Star: A Female MacGyver

Washington U. in St. Louis Hails Turnaround in Student Diversity
Washington University in St. Louis, which has drawn sharp criticism for years for its lack of student diversity, announced a jump in diversity in the freshman class enrolling this fall.

Meet 2015’s Outstanding Colleges
In our eighth annual survey, 86 colleges were recognized. Learn more about the 12 recognition categories and view the full list of Great Colleges to Work For.
The Supreme Court plans to revisit a lawsuit challenging how the University of Texas at Austin considers race and ethnicity in admissions, setting the stage for another heated national debate over affirmative action at colleges.
What to Expect as the Supreme Court Revisits Race in Admissions

Black Students Are Among the Least-Prepared for College, Report Says
African-American students' college readiness is lagging compared with that of other underrepresented students, according to a new report released on Monday by ACT and the United Negro College Fund.

The Professor Is In: The Meaning of “Inclusiveness” in a Job Ad
You don’t have to embody yourself to be able to cultivate it on campus.

A Year of Racial Tumult Brings Potent Lessons – and Risks – to the Classroom
Scholars of race have seized on social movements like #BlackLivesMatter to enliven their courses. But their efforts have taken a personal toll.

One university in Texas figured out how to grow: by raising admissions standards to make students feel proud to attend.
Higher Enrollment, Greater Diversity

U. of Denver Law School Discriminates Against Female Professors, U.S. Panel Says
The University of Denver’s law school has been discriminating against female faculty members for more than four decades, according to the EEOC.
A University System Makes a Big Push to Strengthen Diversity on Its Campuses
The State University of New York is expected to approve a sweeping new policy that seeks to make its campuses more welcoming to a range of underrepresented groups.

Hiring in Academe: Insights on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
In this month’s exclusive booklet, The Chronicle of Higher Education discusses seven myths about campus diversity, how one liberal-arts college improved their search process to diversify their faculty, and other topics on hiring.
The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business finds that small changes in the hiring process pay off.
How a Top Business School Added More Women to Its Faculty
Cornell’s Pitch to Humanities and Social-Sciences Ph.D.s: All of You, Apply Here
The university has advertised a tenure-track position that is open-discipline and open-department, prompting speculation that the listing is a hoax. Here's the real story.
When applicants and institutions push for "fairness," they aren’t even talking about the same thing.
College Admissions Isn’t Fair … Whatever That Means
On “Diversity”
I have become allergic to the word diversity. It feels empty, or worse, like a chore. Words lose capital when they are overused or when the cultural climate that fostered their meaning changes.
New Ivy League, Same Old Elitism
Top colleges have become more diverse, but they’re still bastions of elitism.
Sexual Assault on Campus: Facing the Realities
Do fraternities have a place on the modern campus? As investigations on sexual assault are continuing to make headlines, how are colleges responding? Get our newest collection of insights on sexual assault.
As colleges promote diversity in their missions, so must they promote it in their hiring. In order to strengthen mentoring relationships between professors and students, students need to be able to see all types of people represented at their university.
Why Colleges Need to Hire More Trans Faculty
Faculty and Student Groups Urge Ole Miss to Quit Flying State Flag
Faculty and students fight for their school to create a safe, tolerant environment as some people question if the public university could stop flying the flag of the state that supports it.
As Louisville's President Apologizes for Insensitivity, Students Demand Changes
President James R. Ramsey learned a lesson in cultural appropriation this past month. Now students are demanding changes to make the university a more inclusive environment.
Why the Debate Over a New Admissions Process Matters
The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success' new application system has some college admissions offices jumping on board and leaves others wondering if it's worth it.
At Camp Pride, LGBTQ students, allies, and advisers focus on ways to improve campus life for transgender students.

Student Activism and the Social-Media Trap
The director of the National Science Foundation is devising strategies to improve the standing of female scientists, who are paid less and promoted less often than men are.

Locating Low-Income Students Is Not the Hurdle
The term “diversity” has expanded over the years, making it important to have a common definition of DEI. How could this understanding affect how colleges approach diversity statements?
The Evolution of Diversity
Vassar College’s president argues that a key constraint colleges face in diversifying their enrollment is not finding needy students, rather, it’s allocating money for adequate aid.
NSF Gearing Up to Boost Women in Science

Kevin Kruger, president of NASPA-Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, focuses on issues that bedevil college campuses, like sexual assault, racial equality, and mental health.
Day for Trans Justice

Watch the interview with Jamie P. Merisotis, a longtime advocate of helping low-income and first-generation students into higher education.