Fundraising channels: Make the right choice
for your organization

Today’s nonprofits are examining new and innovative fundraising methods, while still trying to maintain valuable donor relationships. Read more about the effectiveness of multichannel campaigns and how to achieve the best return on your investment in our 2016 Multichannel Fundraising Study.

You’ll learn:
  • How to combine tried-and-true tactics with current technology
  • Strategies for properly managing data to maximize your impact
  • The appropriate channels to add to your fundraising efforts

Plan your strongest strategy for connecting with donors.
Fundraising in a Multichannel World: How the Explosion in Technology is Transforming the Science of the Ask is based on a survey conducted by Campbell Rinker and was written by Peter Panepento. The report is sponsored by Community Counseling Service Co., LLC, Charity Engine, and Kimbia. The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inc., is fully responsible for the report’s editorial content. Copyright © 2016.