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Ana Mari Cauce discusses why she chose to use her past as a way to spur tough conversations about racism.

Talking About Talent: Jamie Merisotis on the Role of Higher Education
At Camp Pride, LGBTQ students, allies, and advisers focus on ways to improve campus life for transgender students.

Student Activism and the Social-Media Trap
Kevin Kruger, president of NASPA-Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, focuses on issues that bedevil college campuses, like sexual assault, racial equality, and mental health.
Day for Trans Justice

Watch the interview with Jamie P. Merisotis, a longtime advocate of helping low-income and first-generation students into higher education.
For the U. of Washington's New President, Fighting Racism on Campus Is a Personal Mission

Bernard Milano: Underrepresented Minorities on the Faculty
Bernard J. Milano, president of the Ph.D. Project — a nonprofit organization committed to diversifying the faculty ranks at the nation’s business schools — talks about how the Ph.D. Project works, its track record, and why faculty diversity matters.
Restoring Stability to an Institution Rocked by Protests
The university has never effectively dealt with the "serious scars" of systemic racism and discrimination against African-Americans, he says, and he hopes to help grapple with those issues.


Data from the 2016 Almanac

At seven of the 16 institutions led by black presidents or chancellors for six years or more, the percentage increase in enrollment of black students during their tenure was at least 50 percentage points higher than it was at comparable groups of institutions.


U. of Houston Student Government Lifts Sanctions Against Officer Who Posted ‘#AllLivesMatter’
The group's suspension of its vice president over a Facebook post led to accusations from other students that her rights to free speech were being violated.

How 3 College Presidents are Trying to Move Their Campuses Past Racial Tensions
Student activism and demands at Towson University, Oberlin College, and the University of Washington took different shapes. But the leaders of all three institutions are searching for common ground between protesters and administrators.

The Baby-Before-Tenure Question

Balancing an academic career with the realities of a biological clock.


The Struggle for Diversity Starts at the Top

African-American presidents describe how they managed to double the enrollment of black students at their primarily white institutions.


In Houston, a Student Leader Faces Calls to Resign After Posting 'Forget #BlackLivesMatter'

The post, by the vice president of the University of Houston’s student government, has since been deleted. But many of her peers are expressing outrage on social media.


Talking over the racial divide

How much can a half-semester course shift a lifetime of experience?


Is Something the Matter With 'Black Lives Matter'?
Compared with previous entries in this struggle (We Shall Overcome, Black Is Beautiful, Black Power, etc.), the slogan is modest, says Ben Yagoda. Who could argue with the proposition it expresses? Lots of people, it turns out.


Can U. of Tennessee Students Keep a Staple of LGBT Life Afloat?

When state lawmakers stripped funding for the university’s diversity office, they put its Pride Center in peril. The students trying to save it are getting a crash course in budgeting and leadership.


Race-Conscious Admissions Policies Face More Tests After ‘Fisher’

The Supreme Court’s decision leaves the courthouse door open for every program to be judged on its particular facts.


Why an HBCU Leader Felt Compelled to Speak Out on Race and Policing

John Silvanus Wilson Jr., president of Morehouse College, wrote a widely cited essay for The Huffington Post about an incident in which he was stopped by the police "for no apparent reason." He hopes his experience is instructive to a new generation of black men.