This spring at the 2014 CUPA-HR Eastern Region Conference, The Chronicle hosted a panel of higher-education diversity experts to shed light on the DEI questions most frequently on the minds of higher-education professionals. We invite you to preview and share highlights from this thought-provoking discussion.
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The Evolution of Diversity
The term “diversity” has expanded over the years, making it important to have a common definition of DEI. How could this understanding affect how colleges approach diversity statements?


How Has the Recession Impacted Diversity on Campus?
The recession forced higher-education decision-makers to drill down on what is really important to their institution. Learn how colleges are using new and creative strategies, such as cluster hiring, to help hire and retain diverse talent.


Practical Solutions for Hiring and Retention
The panelists offer up actionable advice that any hiring administrator can implement at their colleges and universities, including how to be more proactive than reactive in retaining diverse faculty.


What Hiring Administrators are Doing to Get More Diverse Candidates in the Door
There’s a lot to be said for looking at your competitors’ techniques. Hear the best tips for recruiting diverse talent, including advice on what to do when traditional methods fall short.


Advice on How Best to Measure Success
In a data-driven culture, every aspect of the institution is under pressure to prove results. Learn what measurement techniques colleges are using to better measure successful diversity efforts on campus.

Stacey Patton is a senior enterprise reporter for The Chronicle of Higher Education and Vitae. Since 2011, she has covered a variety of higher-education topics including the graduate-school experience, adjuncts, student diversity, and career outcomes for Ph.D.’s. Previously, she was a senior editor and writer for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. She is also the author of That Mean Old Yesterday, a memoir.
Stacey Patton 
Senior Enterprise Reporter, The Chronicle of Higher Education and Vitae
Duchess Harris, Ph.D., is a professor of American Studies at Macalester College. She specializes in racial law and has published two books, Black Feminist Politics from Kennedy to Clinton and Racially Writing the Republic: Racists, Race Rebels, and Transformations of American Identity.
Duchess Harris, J.D., Ph.D.
Professor of American Studies,  Macalester College
David J. Leonard, Ph.D., is an associate professor and department chair of the Critical Culture, Gender, and Race Studies department at Washington State University. He authored Screens Fade to Black: Contemporary African American Cinema and is a regular contributor to NewBlackMan, Feminist Wire, and other publications.
David J. Leonard, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Department Chair, Washington State University
Paula Penn-Nabrit is the founder of PN&A, Inc., a business and management consulting firm that works with colleges and universities to provide management and leadership training on diversity initiatives. She has lectured extensively across the U.S., Europe, and Asia and has authored several books including Exploring a New Synthesis: Business Ethics & Diversity.
Paula Penn-Nabrit  
Founder, PN&A, Inc.
Diversity is about getting people in the room, inclusion is what you do when you get them there.