As a higher-education professional, you know the challenges facing four-year colleges and universities in 2013. But do you know how college leaders are addressing them – and how their jobs, perceptions, and demographics have changed in the past 8 years?

Get the latest information on how college leaders are measuring their institutions’ success from The Chronicle of Higher Education’s What Presidents Think: A 2013 Survey of Four-Year College Presidents, a free white paper underwritten by Pearson.

Key Topics Covered Include:

How college leaders spend their time and view success, including:
  • Which issues they attend to daily - and which they don't.
  • How they measure success for their institution.
  • How effective they think public indicators of success really are.
Where they came from and thoughts on their jobs, including:
  • What positions they held before they were presidents.
  • How prepared they were for their first presidential positions.
  • How satisfied they are with their jobs.
The disconnect between college leaders and the public on:
  • How they value a college degree today versus 8 years ago.
  • How well academic courses of study meet economic needs.
  • How they value work experience versus academic credentials.
What Presidents Think: A 2013 Survey of Four-Year College Presidents was written by Jeffrey J. Selingo, editor-at-large at The Chronicle of Higher Education Inc. and is underwritten by Pearson.

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What Presidents Think: A 2013 Survey of Four-Year College Presidents

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